Cladfy CEO Joins Forces with African Titans at Harambeans

Cladfy CEO Joins Forces with African Titans at Harambeans

Building a Brighter African Future.

We're thrilled to announce that our very own CEO, Ebby Gatamu has joined Harambeans, a prestigious alliance of African founders dedicated to shaping the continent's future through entrepreneurship and community service. This week marked a significant turning point for Cladfy as we became part of the Harambeans collective.

Harambeans fosters collaboration amongst Africa's brightest minds, uniting them in a shared mission to unlock the continent's vast potential. By joining forces, these visionary leaders are not only building successful businesses but also laying the groundwork for a thriving African ecosystem.

As put by Ebby in her LinkedIn post.

The week culminated in inspiring masterclasses held at Harvard Business School and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. These sessions delved into the journeys of groundbreaking founders in emerging markets, showcasing how they transformed their ventures from fledgling startups to billion-dollar enterprises. Their success stories were a testament to the power of unwavering focus on solving critical problems, exceptional execution, and a deep commitment to customer needs.

Witnessing these inspiring journeys firsthand instilled a powerful sense of belief – what once seemed like an impossible dream, then an improbable one, now feels like an inevitable reality for Africa's future.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Harambeans Chairman Okendo Lewis-Gayle, Denver Isaacs, and their entire team for hosting this incredible symposium. Cladfy is honored to be a part of this transformative movement, and we stand alongside our fellow Harambeans, united in building a brighter future for Africa.

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