How can Intelligent Bank and Mobile Money Statement Analysis Streamline your Loan Underwriting?

How can Intelligent Bank and Mobile Money Statement Analysis Streamline your Loan Underwriting?

Unlock the power of borrower transaction data for lending decisions.

Smart Transaction Categorization:

Forget tedious manual categorization! Let Cladfy automatically extract, classify, and compute transactions in bank statements, saving you hours of work. Imagine:

  • AI-powered intelligence: Cladfy learns from your historical data and industry trends to accurately categorize income, expenses, and other transactions.

  • Customizable categories: Tailor categories to your specific needs, ensuring accurate data for analysis and reporting.

  • Drill down for deeper insights: Easily analyze specific categories or groups of transactions to gain a comprehensive understanding of borrower finances.

    Loan Ability Estimates:

Go beyond simple income verification. Cladfy leverages extracted data to generate preliminary loan ability estimates in minutes. This empowers you to:

  • Pre-qualify borrowers quickly: Streamline the initial application process by providing fast, data-driven loan feasibility assessments.

  • Set clear expectations: Give borrowers a realistic picture of their borrowing potential, fostering trust and transparency.

  • Focus on qualified leads: Allocate resources efficiently by prioritizing applications with higher chances of approval.

    Seamless Integration:

The Cladfy software integrates with your existing lending management system (LMS), eliminating the need for disruptive changes:

  • No complex setup: Our pre-built connectors ensure smooth integration with popular LMS platforms.

  • Data flows effortlessly: Transactions data automatically populates relevant fields in your LMS, saving time and reducing errors.

  • Centralized data management: Access and analyze all loan data within your familiar LOS environment.

    Scalable and Secure:

Cladfy is built to handle your growing needs and protect sensitive borrower information:

  • Cloud-based scalability: Our infrastructure scales automatically to accommodate increasing data volumes and user demands.

  • Advanced security measures: Industry-leading security protocols safeguard your data, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

  • Regular audits and penetration testing: We continuously evaluate and strengthen our security posture to stay ahead of threats.

In short, Cladfy doesn’t give you just another data extraction tool; you get a comprehensive solution designed to transform your loan underwriting process. This gives you the power to confidently approve more loans and delight your borrowers.