Revolutionizing Credit Underwriting with Cash Flow Data.

Revolutionizing Credit Underwriting with Cash Flow Data.

Navigate into the Future with Cladfy's Cash Flow-based Underwriting Platform!


When it comes to credit profiling and credit scoring, a substantial population has continuously been unintentionally overlooked by traditional systems. These individuals —the 'Invisibles', 'no hits', 'thin files',... often lack a footprint in credit bureaus, rendering them ineligible for standardized processes that heavily rely on non-inclusive credit scores. In response to this challenge, Cladfy boldly steps into the fray, leveraging the power of cash flow data to meticulously assess the repayment capacity and credit affordability of these consumers. In doing so, Cladfy opens doors that were once firmly closed due to the absence of a conventional credit score.

The Holy Grail of Credit Issuance:

A New Paradigm Emerges!

For credit issuers navigating the dynamic financial landscape, the main pillars of success have always included;

  • A clean credit data set,

  • A 360-degree view of the customer, and

  • The technological prowess to seamlessly integrate these elements.

The emergence of cash flow underwriting marks a transformative shift in this paradigm. Not only does it provide real-time credit information, but it also offers a holistic perspective on the customer, presenting a significant leap forward in the industry. This shift equips lenders with the ability to expand their credit boxes and enhance their overall underwriting capabilities.

Cash Flow Underwriting in Action:

From Leading Practice to Standard Practice!

Recent industry developments have propelled cash flow underwriting from being a leading practice to establishing itself as a standard practice. Its effectiveness is unmistakable, as it not only assesses additional information beyond the confines of traditional credit bureau data but also adapts seamlessly to the evolving financial landscape.

Open banking, with its enhanced data accessibility, further fortifies the position of lenders employing cash flow underwriting. These forward-thinking lenders gain a distinct competitive edge by obtaining a comprehensive, forward-looking view of a customer's ability to meet financial obligations.

Navigating the Current Landscape:

The Crucial Role of Cash Flow Data!

In the aftermath of the Covid era, credit scores derived from historic performance data face unprecedented challenges. New financial products, such as 'buy now, pay later,' introduce a layer of complexity to conventional credit spaces. Recognizing this, cash flow data emerges as a necessary supplement, providing a more versatile and real-time perspective on a customer's financial profile. This invaluable tool not only addresses the challenges posed by historical data tarnished by pandemic-related events but also positions lenders to navigate the complexities introduced by innovative financial products.

Cladfy's Role in Portfolio Management:

Revolutionizing Consumer Insights!

Beyond the initial credit assessment, Cladfy's platform offers lenders and issuers a robust tool for portfolio management. Monitoring consumer performance in almost real-time, post-origination provides invaluable insights into consumer behavior. The unique value of cash flow data lies in its recency, offering prompt assessments of payment capabilities. This not only enhances the precision of portfolio management but also revolutionizes the industry's approach to assessing and responding to consumer financial behavior.

Regulatory Framework Overview:

Navigating the Future Landscape!

As the financial industry evolves, the integration of cash flow data in credit underwriting necessitates a nuanced understanding of the regulatory landscape.

Key considerations include;

  • Real-time access to data,

  • The permissible extent of its utilization in developing credit policies, and

  • Adherence to evolving regulatory frameworks to ensure compliance.

Addressing these regulatory aspects is crucial for ensuring that the integration of cash flow data aligns with industry standards and legal requirements.

The Inevitable Future:

  1. Beyond Credit Bureau Data

    As the industry continues to evolve, the necessity of bureau data becomes apparent, but not sufficient. Cash flow data emerges as an indispensable component for obtaining a comprehensive 360-degree view of a customer's credit profile. While the industry acknowledges the need for data beyond traditional credit bureau information, the challenges lie in standardization and infrastructure. Yet, as the regulatory framework evolves, lenders can anticipate streamlined processes for obtaining cash flow data, fostering wider acceptance and integration.

  2. Democratization of Data: Paving the Way Forward

    As regulatory frameworks evolve, the democratization of data stands as a significant milestone. Standardization and infrastructure associated with cash flow data facilitate safe and easy consumer permission processes. This not only ensures compliance but also makes the provision of data a more widely accepted and streamlined aspect of the credit application process. The evolving landscape envisions a future where access to data becomes more equitable, ensuring that even those at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid have the opportunity to participate in the financial ecosystem.

  3. Automation of Workflows: Efficiency Redefined

    Integrating cash flow data in a clever and automated manner has the potential to yield substantial positive impacts. A significant increase in conversion rates and an improvement in credit quality are foreseeable outcomes, benefiting issuers and enhancing the overall efficiency of credit operations. The industry stands at the cusp of a transformative era where automated workflows, guided by cash flow data, redefine how credit operations are conducted, leading to increased efficiency and improved outcomes.


Shaping the Future of Credit Underwriting!

As the financial landscape undergoes a profound transformation, embracing cash flow data for credit underwriting emerges not merely as a choice but as a pivotal strategy. Cladfy, at the forefront of this revolution, not only facilitates connections between micro-lenders and financing partners but also empowers lenders to make informed decisions. By extending credit to previously underserved populations, Cladfy plays a central role in reshaping the future of credit underwriting.

The fusion of regulatory awareness and technological innovation is paving the way for a dynamic landscape where cash flow data becomes a cornerstone in reshaping the credit industry. As the industry evolves, the democratization of data ensures that access becomes more equitable, and the automation of workflows promises increased efficiency and improved outcomes. In this era of transformation, Cladfy stands as a beacon, guiding the financial industry toward a future where financial inclusion is not just a goal but a tangible reality for all.